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Welcome to the Home for the Walnut Creek Referee Program
REFEREE Headline News...
Sal Crispi, WC Referee Director

Pointers For 1st Year Referees

Provided by Todd Brookhart

Items covered at the 1st In Service Clinic 9/3/14

WC Game Value Matrix  CLICK HERE
WC Referee Rating Upgrade Progression Policies CLICK HERE
WC Modifications to Laws  CLICK HERE

WC Referee Program Assigning Protocol 2014-15 CLICK HERE

What Would You Do?

Provided by Sal Crispi

Four reasons for a referee to stop play for an injury. CLICK HERE

WC Referee Program Text Registration

Provided by Sal Crispi

Sign Up for New Text Message Notification System!  We have obtained the services of RainedOut to notify you of quicker updates via Text when needed for (i) Fields CLOSED due to Rain; (ii) Late Notification of Game Cancellations; & (iii) Emergency Updates of OPEN Assignments. Those who are signed in will receive Notification of Open Assignments 1st!

It is our hope that this will avoid unnecessary trips to fields only to find out there is no game and/or to fill positions during the week and at the last minute! Currently, only a few Officials have registered. We would like at least 100 Referees signed in by August 1st! If you have a mobile/cell phone, sign up. The more who sign up, the more effective the service will be! Register TODAY!

In order to insure the success of this system, it is required for you to register using the following 4 simple steps to receive messages from WCSC at www.rainedout.com 

1. Search for your Organization using the search box above (If you search Walnut Creek it will come up)

Walnut Creek SC
Youth Soccer Club
Zip Code: 94521
Category: Soccer

2. Select your Organization
3. Opt-in to your Organization
4. Validate your phone and/or email. Mobile # is critical to the success of this System!

If you have problems registering, contact WCSC Referee Program Communications Coordinator, Rich Ravins, at rich.ravin@outlook.com

AYSO Area 2C/D Winter Select Rules and Regulations 2013


WC Referees - Now On Facebook  CLICK HERE

Information For New Referees 


AYSO Whistle Stop Quiz/Question

Provided by Sal Crispi (From the AYSO Website)


Question 184: In a U-12 boys' game, red #9 takes a penalty kick by gently kicking the ball forward towards his right. Afterwards, red #7, who was properly positioned outside the penalty area, runs and kicks the ball into the blue team's goal. For Answer CLICK HERE


Question 183: In a U-12 boys' game, the blue team's goalkeeper throws the ball up into the air and then allows it to bounce on the ground. Red #10, who is close to the goalkeeper, kicks the ball into the goalkeeper's goal. For Answer CLICK HERE

Rain "Hotline": 925-256-3574  
Provided by Sal Crispi

If it rains, before you head out to your game, don't forget to call the WC Rain Number: (925) 256-3574! If it should begin to rain, after play begins, continue play, if there is no standing water on the field. Once standing water begins to form, if you are in the 2nd half, try to finish the game. If you are in the 1st half, abandon the game. All other later games should not be attempted to start, if there is standing water. Remember, after the morning Rain Announcement, Park & Rec may not be able to make another announcement. It is not only the safety of the participants we should be concerned about, but also the prevention of field damage. We are guests of Park & Rec and fields must be preserved for future use!

Archived News- CLICK HERE

General Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

For questions or suggestions regarding this Referee Website, please contact:  ref@westernedge.com



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