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Sal Crispi, WC Referee Director

Update your Tournament Availability

Provided by Sal Crispi

The following Tournaments are scheduled for Summer 2017:
Creek Cup #1 - Gold/Premier May 27th and May 28th.
Creek Cup #2 - Silver G&B: August 18, 19 & 20th.
Make sure your AVAILABILITY is up to date at GO!


Provided by Sal Crispi


At age 14, you qualify to take the Grade 8 Referee course which is the first step to officiating games. Courses are held throughout the year, all over the Bay Area, and cost $50. Courses typically consist of an online portion that must be completed before the weekend course (Friday-Saturday-Sunday). Walnut Creek hosts 2 courses during the summer. Follow the steps below to start your officiating career!


1. Sign-up for any Grade 8 Referee course through California North Referee Administration (CNRA). $50  CLICK HERE.
2. Once you pass your course, you will receive your Referee Badge.
3. Create a login at Game Officials  CLICK HERE
4. The cost is $60 for the uniform
      a) Fill out the Uniform order form

      b) If you referee 10 WC games you will get $90 refunded to you (you still get paid for the 10 games you officiated)
5. Sign up in Game Officials to follow Walnut Creek
6. In mid-August there will be a second on field training for new referees
7. After that you can self-assign games in Game Officials.


Provided by Sal Crispi


On Friday, January 20, 2017, Walnut Creek Referees held its Annual Awards Dinner at Civic Park and presented 17 awards in recognition of outstanding performance by Referees in 2016.. CLICK HERE.

Great News!

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This website will be replaced in the next few months. In the meantime, it will remain available for limited resources. We understand many of the items are out of date and many of the links have changed; everything will be updated with the new website. Thank you for your patience.


Provided by Sal Crispi


WCSC is considering an increase in fee rates for referees 2017-18. CLICK HERE for current rates


Rain "Hotline": 925-256-3574  
Provided by Sal Crispi

If it rains, before you head out to your game, don't forget to call the WC Rain Number: (925) 256-3574! If it should begin to rain, after play begins, continue play, if there is no standing water on the field. Once standing water begins to form, if you are in the 2nd half, try to finish the game. If you are in the 1st half, abandon the game. All other later games should not be attempted to start, if there is standing water. Remember, after the morning Rain Announcement, Park & Rec may not be able to make another announcement. It is not only the safety of the participants we should be concerned about, but also the prevention of field damage. We are guests of Park & Rec and fields must be preserved for future use!

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